TEDWomen 2013 Top Ten Inspirations

6. 13-year-old entrepreneur extraordinaire has us older women jaw dropping.

Maya Penn is a social entrepreneur, designer, animator, environmental activist, philanthropist, and writer. Try to put that on a resume and not look as though you’re padding it just a little.  Maya is a modern day Renaissance girl, and is also the CEO of Maya’s Ideas, the umbrella company that houses all of her innovativeness.  And not to mention, this accomplished female is only 13.  As this giant personality stands on the TEDWomen stage in a slight, thin frame, everyone cannot help but be captivated by the endless possibilities that this dynamic young woman possesses.  But, what is most intriguing is her desire to constantly give back, by focusing on eco-friendly materials and donating 10-20 percent of her profits to causes that she cares about.  Maya makes social responsibility a “must” for all of her endeavors, and it’s hard not to be enraptured, motivated, and challenged by her.  And we aren’t the only ones taken by this teenaged go-getter, Forbes recently called her for an interview.  So, what drives Maya’s creativity and dedication? “Because, we live in a big, beautiful, diverse world and that makes me even more passionate to save it.”

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