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The Comeback Circle: Third Video Chat!

At the beginning of April, we had our third video chat for the Mommy Makeover contest. With Easter over and summer right around the corner, this time of year is especially busy for everyone, so Priya couldn’t be our co-host this time around, and Renee and Danielle were the only two participants who were able to attend.  Courtney, our resident technical guru, produced our little show. It was a much smaller ensemble than we’re used to, but we still covered a lot of excellent ground. We even got some of the non-contest participants involved in the chat!

One of my favorite moments was our visualization exercise. We had Renee and Danielle close their eyes and envision themselves in a movie theatre filled with their loved ones. The screen comes down, the credits roll, and they’re watching a movie of their life, five years down the road.  Each woman had a very different vision for herself in mind and together we discussed their goals and what they could do today to make them a reality.

So grab some butter-free popcorn and carve out some time to watch our video. Find out how we challenged these two awesome women to reaching their goals.  Enjoy!

Thank you to Kharis Media for helping us with the replay.

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