The New and Improved Girls Night Out

As we get older and busier, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with our girlfriends and everyone’s busy schedule. Life happens. Family happens. Work happens. And good intentions of getting together always seem to fall by the wayside. Before you know it, someone’s having a baby, someone’s getting a divorce, someone’s being transferred to another city, and someone’s sick—seriously sick. I don’t know about you, but an evening of shouting across the table at a busy restaurant isn’t my idea of quality time and neither is dining at someone’s house where everyone ends up in the kitchen washing dishes all night. I know it may sound silly, and for a long time, when the idea came up, I quickly dismissed it. But, the thought of this quasi-party is almost impossible to avoid, especially with summer winding down and the back to school season upon us. I mean, instead of Girls Night Out (GNO), why not a Girls Night Over—as in sleepover!


I haven’t outgrown mani-pedis, flipping through magazines, playing board games, and enjoying a Texas sunset from a giant picnic blanket.


Plus, since we’re all grownups, we can complement the fun with some wine! Just recently, I gave into this childish temptation, and I wrangled up some girlfriends. It was a much-needed activity for all of us, and I hope our new GNO experience inspires you to do the same. So, get your jammies out, and call up the girls!


Here’s to the new and improved GNO!


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