the truth about women’s panties and diamonds

Dear Toni,

It’s been five years, and I’m finally ready to propose to my girlfriend. We’ve been together since college, and I’d like us to look toward the future and take that next step.

However, I’m clueless about ring shopping, and if I asked her friends or family for advice, it would blow the surprise. Can you help a guy out?



You’re already headed in the right direction by asking a professional for advice. Unfortunately, when a family member or friend helps select an engagement ring, they’ll offer the following words of wisdom, “Whatever you buy, she’s going to love it!”

This couldn’t be more wrong.

The fact is, there are scores of women out there who don’t much care for their rings. Of course, most will never say anything. In an ideal world, though, this sparkling symbol is something she’ll wear for the rest of her life, and each time she looks down at her finger, she’ll be reminded of how much her husband really knows her.

And that’s where I come in. I’ve helped a dozen of my guy friends choose the perfect ring over the years, and if you want to get it just right, it all comes down to panties.

Trust me.

So, let’s jump into the meat and potatoes of it all: the diamond. The cut of the diamond represents the woman, and five cuts are ranked most popular. They include the oval (pear and cushion are in this category), the princess cut, the round cut, the emerald cut, and the radiant.

Once you decide on the ever-important cut, factoring in the other C’s (carat size, color, and clarity) will follow. Finally, the last step is selecting a setting. If you’re the artistic type, this is where you can unleash your creativity and design one on your own. Or, you can keep it simple, adding your personal touch with an inscription.

Whatever you decide, however, the diamond should be the main focus. Thus, the panties, more helpful than a mother or a best friend could ever be.

Go ahead, take a peek. Her panties are usually in the first drawer in her wardrobe or dresser. What you find therein will inform the cut of her diamond. Read on for the details:

Oval Cut

The Oval Cut Woman: Her panties are always neatly folded, lined up like lovely little soldiers in the drawer. What’s more, a bra to match each pair is surely nearby. The oval-cut woman is allwoman, and lingerie aside, her closet will boast more dresses than jeans or slacks.

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut Woman: This lady’s a loyalist, sticking to certain colors, styles, and brands. She won’t cheat on the panties that she considers best. Favoring a classic pearl necklace over any trendy baubles, she invests in foolproof fashion staples like the little black dress and the crisp white shirt.

Round Cut

The Round Cut Woman: She’s timeless and classic, sure, but don’t mistake this gal for traditional. In her telltale drawer, among the satin and lace, you might find a naughty, crotchless pair in the mix. Indeed, she’s a big believer in creative, unexpected touches, and fun shoes, belts, and bags will also permeate her closet.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut Woman: She’s a modern overachiever, prepared for every occasion. She selects stylishly basic panties to fit her busy life, and she isn’t afraid to go commando if the dress calls for it. She is also a minimalist when it comes to make-up, but she’s always on-trend with her fashion.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut Woman: A fearless shape-shifter, this woman’s panty drawer is a combat zone. She’ll shock you with everything from plastic g-strings to boy-cut Spiderman underwear. Likewise, her closet defies categorization. She’s boho one day, then preppy the next.

And now that I’ve armed you with the tools to select an ideal engagement ring, I need your help.

Does size matter most, or are color and clarity key? My gut tells me that each gender has its own specific opinion.

Until next time,


Written for DFW Style Daily


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