Top 10 Halloween Bash Ideas

Boo! That spooktacular time of the year is upon us once again, and with it has come such crisp and exhilarating weather.  It’s a time for the young and young-at-heart to go guising for treats, be thrilled by haunted activities, and enjoy close friends and family. If you are having a party this Halloween or need some inspiration to make this holiday extra fun, here are some last minute ideas to help you pull it all together.

10. Dress up

You don’t need to be a naughty nurse or a cleavage-heaving cop to get attention this Halloween. Be creative and think outside of the costume box and encourage your guests do the same.  It will make the evening way more fun and memorable.

9. Pumpkins

9.  Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

You can never have too many pumpkins.  They’re simply a must for all ages.  Besides being inexpensive, pumpkins can serve many purposes and create a fun and festive atmosphere.  Pumpkins range from $3-$150, depending on their size and uniqueness.  If you’d like to have a pumpkin-carving contest for your guests, remember to prep the pumpkins the day before, this makes carving and cleanup easy.  Now, if you’re having more than an intimate celebration, consider hiring pumpkin carvers to design your guests’ creepiest fancies.  B-3 Entertainment has talent to fulfill your party needs.

8.  Pumpkin Seeds

8.  Pumpkin seeds

Since you’ll have more than enough pumpkin seeds leftover from you pre-carving preparations, try making my mom’s Ridiculously Spicy Pumpkin Seeds.  They are a light snack and great for nibbling.

10.  Invitation

7.  Festive invitations

The best source for paper invitations is Three Sixty Events.  Their attention to detail and commitment to creativity and originality make your invitations like special little pieces of art.  For your online needs, try Paperless Post.  The site is very easy to navigate and the graphics are hauntingly good.

6.  String Globe Lights

6.  String globe lights

Nothing says a party than globe party lights, and if it were entirely up to me, I’d have them up year round.  Unfortunately, so would my light-eating squirrels.  A lot of stores sell party lights, but you can buy them cheaper online at Sival Lighting.

5. a) touch for yourself table

5. touch for yourself table 3

5.  Spooky touch ‘n’ go table

Remember when you were a kid and you went from bowl to bowl feeling all of the gross and wonderful surprises inside?  Recreate that fun in centerpieces on your dining table or create an entire space dedicated to this assembly line of terror.  You can buy the scary bowls at Williams Sonoma, the items inside are easy and inexpensive to make on your own.  If you’re feeling really festive, have Three Sixty Events design signs for your touch ‘n’ go table.

4. Hay bales

4.  Nothing says fall like cornhusks and hay bales

Go all out and create a real fall look by taking cornhusks and tying them around the trunk of a few trees.  Many nurseries will have cornhusks and hay bales in stock during the season.   For those in the DFW area, check out Ruibal’s.

3. Spooky trees

3.  Scary flower arrangements

Don’t be afraid to have some fun here, flowers don’t have to be a serious thing.  This Halloween the talented Rusty Glenn (contact Eleanor with Rusty Glenn Designs at (214) 215-1036) made spooky trees with skeletons and spiders to create a festive ambiance at our party.  To create the look, check out Party City for decorations like skeletons, spiders and other scary things.

2. Lanterns

2.  Create a pathway of lanterns

The fun starts on the walk to the front door.  Get a few lanterns to spruce up any walkway and set the mood.  A great source for whacky and inexpensive lanterns and candles is World Market.

1. Food and bev

1. food and bev 3

1. food and bev 2

1. Custom food and drinks

Even water can be eerie.  Check out what melon balls and raspberries can do to a simple water dispenser.  And to complete the holiday theme, take your food items and turn them into a terrifying treat by designing fun name cards for each item.

Happy Halloween!

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