VIDEO: Barbara Guillaume’s Advice Is to Always Share the Love

Have you ever met someone who just exudes such an inner strength and fearless approach to life? Lucky for me, I have and she’s one of my closest friends. Barbara Guillaume possesses these qualities and inspires those around her to follow her example.

I’m honored to have known Barbara for thirteen years. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t take things at face value. She’s determined to know how and why things work, and most importantly, she’s on a mission to get better with age—pushing herself to the limit and never ever giving up on her dreams. She knows her value, traveling an arduous and unapologetic path to get to where she’s at in life. I love the freedom she possesses to say what she believes while believing wholeheartedly in what she says. She marches to her own beat, a beautiful rhythm with such depth and humility, and rooted in love.

Through the loss of her father at an early age, a divorce from her son’s father, and an enormous career change, Barbara always finds a way to reinvent herself, but never forgetting to lend a helping hand, an earnest ear, and a lot of love to those around her.

When I asked her what advice she would send out to the world, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear her say, “Share the love.”

Sharing the love has always been Barbara’s MO, and I’m so happy, proud, and honored to have her voice on Model Behaviors.

Many thanks to Kharis Media for the videography and Kelly Whaley for hair and makeup.

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