VIDEO: Bulaong Ramiz on Why Our Differences Make Us Stronger

Growing up as a model, I had so many people ask me if I would go into another facet of the fashion industry when my modeling days came to an end—I was like, “My modeling days are going to come to an end (?)!” Many people just assumed that I was only interested in the industry. And while I definitely enjoy the creative outlets those pursuits allow me, I always understood that there was more to life, and frankly, more to me.

So when I started Model Behaviors, I made sure to carve out a space where we could talk about difficult but important issues like racial inequality, violence against women, human trafficking, and much more.

As a social justice educator, Bulaong strikes the perfect balance between the academic and the personal. She gives us the facts surrounding these issues, but she also puts her heart into them, sharing her own stories and the stories of those she’s known. Her voice is bold and proud and fearless, and she’s a constant source of inspiration for the positive change I hope to make in this world.

Be sure to catch Bulaong’s latest post, “4 Tips for Understanding the Muslim Community.”

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