VIDEO: Courtney Shares How MB Helps Her Shine | Model Behaviors

VIDEO: Courtney Shares How MB Helps Her Shine

Coming up in October, Courtney will have been with Model Behaviors for two years. I’ve seen so much change…in her, in myself, and in Model Behaviors. When you work so closely with someone on a project as big as Model Behaviors, you form routines, you learn each other’s habits, and you evolve with each other.

Upon first meeting her, some of her strengths came right to the surface. She’s responsible, organized, strategic, and always on the quest to learn more. But over the past two years, I’ve seen other strengths, subtler strengths show themselves, too. She has a calm, warm demeanor which makes others feel comfortable and welcomed. Her love for family and friends is steadfast and true. I’ve seen her go through some pretty big life changes and come out stronger and more confident than ever before.

She says in her video that MB has given her a ton of self-confidence, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of that journey for her. I can’t wait to see what great things Courtney has in her future!

Recently she introduced our Word of the Month, shine. Definitely take a moment to check out that post here and then watch her video above, where she shares how MB has helped her truly shine!

Thank you to Drew Nicolello of Kharis Media for the videography, Laurie Graham King for Courtney’s wardrobe and styling, and Joanna Hathcock for hair and makeup.

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