VIDEO: Introducing the Latest Behaviorist Marzia Prince | Model Behaviors

VIDEO: Introducing the Latest Behaviorist Marzia Prince

You know that awesome feeling when you’re around someone and you’re talking about your dreams, and you just know how much they believe in you? That’s Marzia Prince.

And luckily, she’s our newest Behaviorist!

We first introduced her as one of our Mommy Makeover Contest advisers. Her personality and infectious motivation quickly proved that she was the kind of coach who wouldn’t let our participants rest on their laurels. She wanted to get the ball rolling the moment our participants were announced. She kept in touch with each woman and sent them workout routines every two weeks throughout the contest. She was always in our Facebook group, keeping us focused and dedicated to our goals.

Marzia was there every day, every moment, pushing us all to be our best selves.

In March, she was our Woman of the Month, and she gave us so much insight on her life as a coach and her journey toward a healthy, productive lifestyle. I was particularly touched by her story of coming to terms with the fact that she would never be a mom in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, she gets to be a nurturer in her role as a health and fitness coach.

Earlier this month she wrote her first post as a Behaviorist, How to Be a Healthinista on Vacation. Click over to give that one a read and watch her video above, where she shares why she’s so excited to join Team MB!

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