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VIDEO: Kathryn Finds Strength in Community

Over the years, I’ve met some truly incredible and inspiring women. Quite a few of them have flown in and then out of my life. We were there for each other when we needed it the most, but life happens, so naturally we both went our own ways. I appreciate those friendships, and just because they were short-lived doesn’t mean they weren’t immensely valuable.

On the other hand, there are a few people who’ve stuck with me for many, many years. Kathryn is one of those women, and when she says, “Life is messy,” she isn’t joking!  From backpacking around Asia, to hiking ruins in Mexico, to crashing parties and jumping in pools fully clothed, to being mommies and changing dirty diapers, we’ve experienced many fun chapters in life. And I’m so grateful for this amazing friendship that has witnessed the best of times and has also weathered some storms. Life is about evolving as individuals, while evolving simultaneously within our relationships. We often worry about taking everything on as individuals, but we are so much stronger when we have a community of like-minded people.

As Kathryn mentions in the video, having a strong, reliable community surrounding us is so beneficial to a woman’s success—no matter how we define success. And building a strong community is also the most important facet of Model Behaviors. We are here for each other—the Behaviorists, our Mommy Makeover participants, the advisers, our Comeback Circle, and you, our readers. My greatest hope is that we can create a huge support system for one another here on Model Behaviors.

I couldn’t get through life without Kathryn, so in the comments below, take a moment to shine some love on the strong, amazing women in your life!

Many thanks to Kharis Media for the videography and Kelly Whaley for hair and makeup.

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