VIDEO: Sneak Peek of MB’s Latest Revamp!

Twice a year, a group of Behaviorists and I get together for a photo shoot so we can update the site and make everything fresh and new again. These get-togethers have come to be one of my favorite parts about starting Model Behaviors. I feel like each one keeps getting better and better. When the Behaviorists come, my heart fills up and the day ends on such a blissfully high note.

One of our theme words earlier this year was evolution, and I like to keep that word very present when it comes to Model Behaviors. We’re always changing, growing, and evolving.

At the moment we have nine Behaviorists, and when our revamp goes live, we’ll be introducing a new section—The Village. I’m so lucky to have this exceptional team by my side.  I can’t wait to share all that we have in store, but before we do, enjoy this sneak peek of Model Behaviors’ latest revamp!

We’d like to thank Joanna Hathcock for hair and makeup, Laurie Graham and Free People of Northpark Center for the styling, Simon Lopez for the photography, and Drew Nicolello of Kharis Media for the videography.

PS: We missed you Alaysia, Barbara, Bulaong, Kathryn, and Rachel! Hope to see you next time!

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