VIDEO: What Laurie Loves Most about MB

One of the greatest personality traits Laurie Graham King possesses is her “yes” mentality. Sometimes it seems like all I have to say is, “Laurie, would you want to—” and she says yes before I even get the whole sentence out!

It’s amazing to have a friend like this and it’s amazing to be a teammate with someone like this. Because not only will she say yes, but once she says yes, she pours all of her resources into a project to ensure its success. She often calls herself the biggest cheerleader for her clients, but I think it goes further than her professional life. She brings this quality to each of her relationships and makes people feel like they can do anything, be anything, try anything.

With Model Behaviors, Laurie has been a stylist for our photo shoots and she’s emceed a few of our events. She’s a natural at both, and her warm, vibrant energy is always a great boost in any room, with any crowd.

We love having Laurie on Team MB, and we can’t wait to see what else this phenomenal woman will accomplish!

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