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Wellness Wednesday: CONNECTION

How is everyone’s September going? Are you feeling the connection yet? We’re only a week away from the beginning of fall. Can you believe it? I feel like today’s quote is perfect for our last Wednesday of the summer.

This Week’s Thoughts

I love how this week, Bulaong’s quote focuses more on our connection to nature, rather than to each other. Growing up on the Border and working in fields at a young age, it was almost impossible for me not to feel some sort of connection to the land and my surroundings. Most of us New Mexicans are a mixture of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American heritage, and one of the aspects that I love best about this combination is our inherent belief in the spirit. Most Native Americans believe that the spirit is in everything, living and nonliving.  And now that our family lives part time on the ranch, we want to pass this belief down to our children. It’s about having a love and respect for everything and everyone.

This Week’s Challenge

Step outside. Make sure you are standing on the earth, not pavement or concrete. Close your eyes. Send out a small prayer to everything around you. Imagine the thousands of insects, the roots of grass and trees and shrubs, the dirt, the water and moisture. Say thank you. In that instant, it is a part of you forever. Like the quote says, wherever you’re standing, it’s part of your body. While outside, take that moment and let that idea sink in. Experience the connection.

We’d love to see where each of you are. Send us a pic using #wellnessMB. Be sure to tell us where you’re standing and how you’re connected to the earth there.

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