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Wellness Wednesday: CONNECTION

Is anyone else alarmed that this is the last day of September? No one? Just me? Okay.

In all seriousness, time is flying. Since we started the Wellness Wednesday series four months ago, I’ve really come to appreciate the slight shift of focus that comes with welcoming a new word into my consciousness.

As always, we love checking the #wellnessMB hashtag each week, so join in our challenges and tag your pics!

This Week’s Thoughts

Bulaong has chosen such powerful words for our last September quote, our last week of “connection.” To me, this one speaks more to the social aspect of connection. And honestly, how could it not, coming from MLK? The idea he’s expressing—one of infinite, almost imperceptible connection—has become even more relevant as the digital age races to bigger and greater heights. Slowly, our world is shrinking. Today, I can know what’s happening in any corner of the world in a matter of seconds. I can get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my email, and talk to someone halfway across the globe. Each day we become more and more of a global community. It’s not hard to believe that one person’s actions and decisions can affect the life of all those around her, for better or for worse. The more we are aware of this connection, the more that awareness affects our actions, hopefully in a positive, more intentional way.

This Week’s Challenge

We’re going to make it so easy for us this week. Use one of your social media platforms—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog—and send out a positive message. It can be as simple as saying, “Today I am happy, and I wish that for you too.” Or it can be longer and more in depth, whatever you’re feeling. Send those good vibes out into the world, and they’re sure to make a positive impact on someone who reads them. Tag your friends and encourage them to send out a positive message too. Have a great week! See you on #wellnessMB!

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