Wellness Wednesday: EVOLUTION (+ Free Hand-Lettered Quote Graphics) | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: EVOLUTION (+ Free Hand-Lettered Quote Graphics)

Leave it to Oprah to find a way to hold us accountable and inspire us at the same time! And it should also come as no surprise that Priya chose this quote for us to ponder for our last Wellness Wednesday in February, where our theme has been evolution for the entire month. So, ponder and meditate, I did, and it kept bringing me to two thoughts. According to some Native American tribes, we existed before we were born, and Plato’s Theory of Forms, basically saying that everything from the material world existed in the idea world.

Forgive me. I’m not a philosopher. I just play one on Wellness Wednesday…

The belief or idea that we have purpose before our first breath fills me. There are no accidents. I’m not an accident. You’re not an accident. Native Americans say so. Plato says so. Oprah says so!

When I think of our life in that way, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of newfound responsibility. I want to nurture that purpose in my little human and myself. I want us to constantly test the limits of greatness. I want Darlington to feel the desire to fan the flame of her own existence as well.

But, well beyond the two of us, that means that every person who we come in contact with has purpose, and therefore, so does every encounter. There are no accidents. Every moment is purposeful on our journey toward being the “complete person we were intended to be.”

And if we were all forms before, then we are all connected before our first breath. As women, we’re sisters. We have a responsibility to each other. We don’t need to tear each other down to build ourselves up, and we don’t need to use sexually explicit words specifically defaming women. These words are used to hurt both men and women, but are mostly used toward women. There are far more vulgar female words than male words.

Though I’d love to say that I have evolved way past using any and all curse words, I’m not quite there yet. However, in an effort to lift women up and myself, I’ve been inspired by this quote to remove these words—they’re not a part of who I intend to be.

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Kelsey Lemons

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