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Wellness Wednesday: EXPLORE

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday, a weekly series where we discuss all aspects of physical, spiritual, and mental wellness and engage in challenges to help us keep in touch with our own sense of personal wellness.

This Week’s Thoughts

I don’t think there’s a more apt quote to capture the spirit of exploration than this one from Roman Payne. “To wander is to be alive.” As a model, I spent years traveling to places I never would’ve seen on my own. It opened my eyes to so many different cultures, so many different ways of living. Now I find it hard to imagine what life would be like if I didn’t travel. And I want this for Darlington. Our goal is to take her off the grid—somewhere new—every year, and I’m not talking about posh hotels and room service. We want to live like locals and discover something new every day.

This Week’s Challenge

Using the #wellnessMB hashtag, post a photo of a place you visited and why the trip was important to you. Did you get to spend the time with someone special? Did you learn something new about yourself? Share those travel stories! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

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