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Wellness Wednesday: EXPLORE

All right, everyone. It’s the middle of October. Halloween is so close! Do you have your costume picked out yet? I can’t wait to share pics of mine!

This Week’s Thoughts

One thing I’ve come to love about each of our words is that you can think about them in many different ways. For example, last week with “explore,” Courtney’s quote had a very literal interpretation. This week, though, rather than focus on traveling and exploring new lands, her quote digs into a more personal meaning. This quote asks us to push our own inner boundaries. Can we be a bigger, better version of ourselves? Can we step into uncomfortable feelings and navigate our way through them? Can we expand our definition of “love” to a deeper, more honest meaning?

This quote from Cheryl Strayed comes from her book, “Tiny, Beautiful Things.” It’s a collection of essays she wrote as the advice columnist “Dear Sugar.” For the column, readers would write her with a wide range of questions and problems, and she always answered with what people have come to term “radical empathy.” She would share her own personal stories, getting just about as raw and vulnerable as you can get in front of someone else, and then she would turn that vulnerability into strength. What’s more, she’d show us how to turn our own vulnerability into strength.

This Week’s Challenge

For our challenge this week, I invite my readers to share the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten related to inner growth and awareness. Is there anything that’s stuck with you or resonated with you? What do you tell yourself when you’re going through something emotionally trying? How do you find the strength to get through it? Share it with us either in the comments or using the #wellnessMB hashtag on Instagram!

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