Wellness Wednesday: HEART | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: HEART

I really love the word Christine Handy chose for us this month—heart.

It’s different from the words we’ve had in the past. It’s not an emotion or a positive characteristic to strive for. This word has so many definitions. If you look it up on Merriam-Webster, it can of course refer to the organ which beats in our chest and keeps us alive, or it can refer to a suit in a card deck. But it can also refer to a disposition, as in “a leader with heart.” It can refer to courage, as in “she never lost heart.” It can refer to that which is central and most vital to a thing, as in “getting to the heart of the matter.”

Most importantly, it can refer to a way of life, as in “she is a woman who lives with her whole heart.”

This last meaning is the one we’re focusing on today. I’ve put a little video together of the Behaviorists and me where we share what “living with our whole hearts” means to us.


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Wellness Wednesday: HEART | Model Behaviors
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Wellness Wednesday: HEART | Model Behaviors
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