Wellness Wednesday: REBIRTH | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: REBIRTH

Hello again! We’ve got an extra special Wellness Wednesday this week. I read a post about a woman in Kileen, Texas whose ten-year-old son, Taliq Davis, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In the article, there’s a quote that stands out so strongly for me.

As his mother, I can’t remove the tumor, but I’ll do what I can to bring a smile to his face.

I love that. Sometimes the only thing you can do is bring a smile to a loved one’s face, but that is still a pretty powerful thing to do. This past year has been rough for the Davis family, but today is his birthday and his mom, Tanisha, wanted to do something truly special for him.

Since Taliq loves receiving mail, she’s asked friends, family, and complete strangers to send Taliq birthday cards via post! This is such a fun and inspiring idea that I decided to make it this week’s Wellness Wednesday challenge. It may not 100% tie in with our theme word, “rebirth,” but it’s amazing how taking time out of our normally scheduled day to do one small act of kindness like this can transform our entire outlook. It can make our steps lighter and bring a smile to our own faces. So do it for Taliq and do it for yourself!

Wellness Wednesday: REBIRTH | Model Behaviors

Here’s his address: Taliq Davis, 5106 Donegal Bay Ct., Killeen, TX 76549

I’d mentioned this challenge in our Monday Menu post this week. I’m curious. Did any of you send a letter yet? If so, let us know! Also, take pics as you send off your letters this week and tag them with #wellnessMB so we can feature you on the site in next week’s Wellness Wednesday post. Don’t worry that your card will arrive after his birthday is over because who doesn’t love receiving a sweet card even after the actual date has passed? Birthweek > birthday.


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