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Wellness Wednesday: RENEWAL (+ Free Hand-Lettered Quote Graphics)

We’re doing something special for this month’s Wellness Wednesday series. Each of our Mommy Makeover participants has shown so much strength, fortitude, and determination throughout the first two months of the contest. The results from our first check-in have blown me away. On our Comeback Circle Facebook group, they check in with us every day, lending inspiration to everyone around them—both online and offline. I thought, “Why not bring that positive, transformative energy to our wellness series?!”

So throughout the month of March, each Wednesday we’ve hear from one of our participants. Our theme this month is renewal. They chose quotes that resonated with them on this topic and also shared a little bit about how the quotes and theme will get them through the last month of the contest, stronger and more determined than ever!

For this last week of the month, please welcome Vange to the blog. Check out her essay below!

As I’ve gone through this Mommy Makeover process, there have been definite moments of doubt. Our “thought life” is so crazy and can become a constant battle in our heads. There have been times when I think, “There’s no way I can do this!” or “There’s no way I’ll be thin again.” It’s nuts!

I’ve been a strong Christian all my adult life, and I’ve learned that God really wants the best for me, not just spiritually, but also physically. I’ve also learned to lean on His Word and all the awesomeness that comes from it. I know He wants me to be healthy so I can live a life for Him. I know He wants me to be healthy so I can raise my children up in His ways. I know He wants me to be healthy so I can reach people for Him. And I know He wants me to be healthy just so I can live a great life and help others do the same!

Every time I hear negative thoughts of doubt, I think of God. I’m then reminded that I was created for greatness and to do awesome things in this life. When I read this scripture, it reminds me that He renews my mind daily, gives me hope for the future, and creates a cheerful heart in me!

Wellness Wednesday: RENEWAL | Model Behaviors

Thank you so much to Vange for contributing to this week’s Wellness Wednesday series! Be sure you check out her progress in our latest Mommy Makeover Contest check-in

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Model Behaviors: RENEWAL | Model Behaviors

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