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Wellness Wednesday: RENEWAL (Includes FREE Hand-Lettered Graphics)

We’re doing something special for this month’s Wellness Wednesday series. Each of our Mommy Makeover participants has shown so much strength, fortitude, and determination throughout the first month of the contest. The results from our first check-in have blown me away. On our Comeback Circle Facebook group, they check in with us every day, lending inspiration to everyone around them—both online and offline. I thought, “Why not bring that positive, transformative energy to our wellness series?!”

So throughout the month of March, each Wednesday we’ll hear from one of our participants. Our theme this month is renewal. They’ve chosen quotes that resonate with them on this topic and have also shared a little bit about how this quote and theme will get them through the last two months of the contest, stronger and more determined than ever!

First up is Danielle. Check out her essay below!

To me, this quote is the meaning of renewal itself.

So often in life, curveballs come our way. They can be disguised as many different things. They’re often difficult, or create an obstacle in the road which forces us to make a choice. We can either choose to ignore the obstacle and take the easy way around, or we can choose to figure out a way through to continue on the path God intended us to be on.

It’s in those moments that we have the opportunity to think outside the box, maybe get a little uncomfortable, and grow emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the process. Being able to power through those tough times and not give up gives a sense of renewal. Sometimes life is the hardest right before something great is about to happen. Life has a way of testing us. It pushes us to the point of breaking, and usually if we don’t give up through the process, something rewarding is on the other side.

Wellness Wednesday: RENEWAL | Model Behaviors

That’s what this contest has been for me. An opportunity to grow and work through an obstacle and stay on my intended path. My health and emotions were at an all-time low. So many things were blocking my path. I had two choices: 1) Give up and accept my circumstances for what they were or 2) I could want and hope for more. Never accepting anything less and to believe I was meant for something greater, I’m working through those obstacles, knowing that I am deserving of greatness. I know that every struggle I go through is bringing me to this point for a reason.

I wake up knowing it’s a new beginning for me. This has renewed my hope for myself. I can be the best wife and mother that I was created to be. My motivation to help others who have struggled like myself has also been renewed, I hope to renew their hope for a better life, to constantly pay it forward, and to encourage others to not give up on themselves. Lastly, I’d like to always remember each ending or low point in life has the option to become a new beginning—renewal of the best version of ourselves.

Thank you so much to Danielle for contributing to this week’s Wellness Wednesday series. Be sure you check out her progress in our latest Mommy Makeover Contest check-in. We’ll have a webinar recap up on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and see what goals Danielle has set for herself this month.

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Kelsey Lemons

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