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Wellness Wednesday: SELF-LOVE

Welcome to our first Wellness Wednesday of the month! We’ve asked the lovely Marzia Prince to select a theme word and quotes for us to focus on throughout April. She chose self-love and selected three thought-provoking quotes to accompany her word.

When Courtney found out what our word was, she told me she was inspired to write about it. I won’t say too much more because I don’t want to spoil anything, but definitely read her post today and reflect on our word of the month—self-love.

I’m going to do something a little different to introduce our Wellness Wednesday Word of the Month. Instead of straightforward prose, I’d like to share a love poem. It’s about me, an ode to myself.

At the writing retreat I went to last month, our mentor and workshop leader Nova Ren Suma gave us different writing prompts throughout the week. For one of these prompts, she handed out a poem called “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon. You can read that poem here.

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Our prompt was to write something in the same vein, either about ourselves or in our character’s voice. I failed horribly during our twenty minutes of silent writing, but that’s okay. I don’t think a poem was meant to come out then. I think my poem’s moment is now. I’ve put a little twist on the idea. It’s called “What I Love.”

What I love is my laugh
A ringing out that comes like a riot
A storm, a crash, a sudden whirlwind
Rising up my throat and into air
Spreading and leaping
And infecting everyone around me.

What I love are my eyes
The subtle blue of them
So private and closed off
Until the moment they’re not
Until the moment I trust you.

What I love is my belief
In magic, in people,
In the interconnectedness of all things,
In love, in love, in love.
Not in any maker
Not in any ghost
Not in any single thing beyond
The here and now.

What I love is my voice.
How it sings. How it speaks.
Even with my mouth closed
How you can hear it
In the most silent of moments.

What I love is my life
My existence
The privilege of being here
Among all this celestial light.

What I love are my feet
Traipsing through the water of a creek
Leaping bare into sun-warmed sand
Exploring unknown cities
Or losing their chill between a lover’s hands.

What I love is my body.
What I love are my fingers.
What I love is my hair, my cheeks, my belly button.
What I love are my freckles.
What I love is my soul.

What I love is me.
Before any man
Before any sister or mother or brother or father
Before any friend
I’ll say it again and again
What I love is me.
And forever and for always
Until what I love flows into them.

I’d like to finish with a few simple questions. How have you loved yourself today? This week? This month? This year? If you’re feeling down, or just want a burst of self-love, try writing your own love poem to yourself. It really helped me think about the gifts I’m thankful for, and it reminded me that before I can give love to others, I have to first give love to myself.

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Wellness Wednesday: SELF-LOVE | Model Behaviors

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