Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY

How did your first week of simplicity go? I over-simplified and didn’t attend to Instagram at all last week.  Instead, I made up for it by sending out a few posts this week.  It’s all about balance in my approach to simplicity.

This Week’s Thoughts

The life of Clare Boothe Luce is so intriguing and inspirational. She was the first woman ambassador for the US, an accomplished playwright, and a famous journalist of her time. She even came up with the idea for Life magazine, which her husband then published. She’s the type of woman we admire at Model Behaviors, the type of woman we strive to be. Kathryn picked a great quote for us this week!

This idea of simplicity and sophistication really hits home with me, especially with all the home design I’ve had the opportunity to do lately. I discovered that not only do I agree with this sentiment, I want to live by it—neutrals, geometric patterns, and raw materials. Amidst all the upheaval that comes from redesigning a home, I found myself craving simplicity. When I think of simplicity, I think of less is more.  And when I think of sophistication, I think of the classics.

This Week’s Challenge

Let’s try marrying these two concepts, while keeping our quote in mind.  Our challenge is to spend one day, one night, one more morning, or one hour simplifying our lives by focusing on the classics. For me, my goal will be to go through my closet and get rid of everything that I’m not currently wearing and probably won’t be wearing in the future.  I’m going to concentrate on those classic pieces that I get the most use out of. Who knows, maybe you’ll see some items in the Commerce & Kindness store in the near future. How about you?

Whatever it is, share your goal with us on social media using the #wellnessMB hashtag. We’ll be there to cheer you on!

Wellness Wednesday: Simplicity | Model Behaviors

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