Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY

I’m really looking forward to hearing how everyone did on last week’s simple but sophisticated challenge! Last week, to combine simplicity with sophistication, I decided to downsize my closet, leaving only classic, sophisticated pieces. This ended up being a more complicated task than I imagined! So instead of trying to do it all in one week, I split the chore in half. I still have clothes to work through, but I’m a lot less stressed than I would’ve been if forced myself to do the whole thing.

This Week’s Thoughts

Have any of you read Walden by Henry David Thoreau? Basically he decides to hell with society and lives off the land in the woods for a little over two years. His book was part social experiment, part satire, and part self-reliance manual. Our quote comes from Walden. From what we read in Kathryn’s post about simplicity, and from what Holly shared in her latest post, sometimes our heart craves simplicity so much yet we ignore it. We take on more and more obligations, more responsibilities, and we push ourselves to do more, more, more. Then we look at the calendar and it’s already halfway through August. We ask ourselves questions like, “Where did the time go?” and “What have I been doing with myself?”

This Week’s Challenge

I’m not suggesting we should all abandon our homes and live off the land for a week, but can you think of any ways to cut out some of the white noise in your life? What are some of those frittering details you can get rid of?

Share your thoughts and your challenge on social media using the #wellnessMB tag. Can’t wait to see you guys out there!

Wellness Wednesday: SIMPLICITY | Model Behaviors

PS: Don’t forget that tomorrow is our MB Book Club discussion. I hope you’ve all read “Chasing the Sun” by Natalia Sylvester. Courtney’s got lots of great questions lined up for you!

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