Wellness Wednesday: SURRENDER | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: SURRENDER

May is such a transitional month. We’re finally breaking free from all the thunderstorms here in Texas, and even though our days can get hot, we haven’t quite reached the true scorchers of summer. It’s a month when students prepare to leave school, whether they’re graduating or simply preparing for the summer break. It’s the beginning of swimming season and the end of oyster season. Everything is on the brink.

That’s why our Word of the Month—surrender—fits so perfectly. This is a month for closing our eyes, holding our arms wide, and tipping over into the unknown.

Since Candace Oliver was our Woman of the Month in April, we asked her to select a theme word for May. If you’ve had a chance to read our interview with her, you might be able to pick out moments in her life when she adhered to her word. Moments when she just surrendered to a truth she felt beating in her heart, when she let go of who she thought she was supposed to be, and when she allowed her life to unfold with surprising sincerity.

Below, Candace has shared a little bit more about how she came to choose this word and why it’s always important to her.

As women, we tend to want to control (or maybe that’s just me).

Control is an illusion. After praying about a word for the month of May, surrender was highlighted to me. When we surrender, liberation happens. Sometimes we tend to hold on to resentment, bitterness, anger, blame, hurt, jealousy, envy, or any other negative emotion. When we let it all go, when we surrender, freedom is available to us. None of that other stuff serves us. Isn’t that what we want? To be free and happy?

For the month of May, let’s gather together as women and surrender. Let’s let go of control and have some good ol’ fashion faith!

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Wellness Wednesday: SURRENDER | Model Behaviors

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