Advocare Success Stories

From 2014 to 2016, Model Behaviors teamed up with AdvoCare to promote a healthier lifestyle from the inside, out. As a premier health and wellness company, AdvoCare focuses on products supporting energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance.

AdvoCare and Model Behaviors teamed up to promote wellness and acknowledge ten to twelve success stories for each issue of Impact Magazine. Model Behaviors produced the photo shoots and behind-the-scenes videos for a special editorial section inside Impact Magazine. These success stories recognized positive lifestyle changes made by some of their distributors. Out of 600,000 distributors, AdvoCare chose each success story to feature, many of which lost over one hundred pounds using AdvoCare. Model Behaviors helped to create the theme for each issue, and within that theme a story was developed, highlighting each individual success story and promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

DESIGN: Celebrity stylists, Kathryn Knox and Laurie Graham King supplied 20 to 50 looks featured in this massive spread. From active wear to business casual, each Success Story’s lifestyle and routine was represented. Laurie even brought on her national retailer, Dillard’s, to pull amazing fashions from. Ten location shots and ten studio shots were chosen and arranged for each editorial spread.

MULTIMEDIA: Photo sets for a year-long special editorial section in Impact Magazine. Behind-the-scenes video to highlight the fun, active, and healthy lifestyle of each of the featured success story distributors.

PRODUCTION: Worked with our photographer on each shoot throughout the year to create continuity. Brought in our videographer to capture film on set throughout each shoot. Booked celebrity makeup artists and celebrity groomers, making each Success Story look and feel like their very best.