In September 2016, Model Behaviors partnered with Akola Project, a full-impact brand that empowers women across the globe, to develop and execute a photo shoot for the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection.

In Uganda, the Akola woman lives in extreme poverty and has survived the HIV-AIDS epidemic and twenty-year war. In Dallas, the Akola woman was a victim of sex trafficking, formerly incarcerated, and marginalized. To date, Akola has empowered over 500 women who have transformed the lives of 4000 children. This was no ordinary photo shoot.

Model Behaviors collaborated with the Chief Operating Officer, the Brand Manager, and the Digital Strategist to develop a vision and aesthetic that would bridge both stories and places together. Model Behaviors developed a rough outline and turned the vision into a reality—uniting Uganda and Dallas and helping to design the Akola woman’s story.

DESIGN: Scouted and secured six Dallas landmark locations for a one-day shoot. Leveraged fashion connections to secure clothing pieces from socially responsible and ethical design houses. Then styled six looks for each model involved in the shoot.

EDITORIAL: Prepared a nine-page booklet detailing the shoot schedule, each crew member and model involved, the aesthetic of the shoot, and the mission of Akola.

MULTIMEDIA: Photos for the launch of Akola’s 2017 Spring/Summer jewelry collection. Behind-the-scenes photos for a feature about Akola on Model Behaviors. Video to highlight the story of unity between women in Uganda and in Dallas.

PRODUCTION: Brought in two photographers on the day of the shoot—one for editorial photos and one to capture behind the scenes. Brought in a videographer to capture film on set throughout the shoot. Booked two highly sought-after models, a celebrity makeup artist, and a skilled day assistant. Negotiated with agencies for all talent to work at a reduced rate to help keep this nonprofit in budget, coming in at half the price of a full-paid shoot.

STRATEGY: Worked closely with the Brand Manager and Digital Strategist on set to maximize appearance and prominence of Akola products. Highlighted recognizable Dallas landmarks in unique ways to emphasize both the local and global impact of Akola Project.

PRESS LINKS: Akola’s Designing Her Story