Mankindness Project

In 2014, Model Behaviors joined New Friends New Life to develop and conduct market research for a burgeoning project aimed at prevention efforts in the sex trafficking industry.

The Department of Justice reports that the sex trade in Dallas is a $99 million dollar a year enterprise and that over four hundred teen girls are trafficked nightly, so Toni and Model Behaviors, in conjunction with NFNL, worked to develop and implement focus groups to gather relevant data that would be the foundation for a campaign to target and educate men. They independently studied a group of young men and a group of young women to see what types of public education campaigns would inspire participants rather than shame or reprimand.

Toni presented her findings to the board members of New Friends New Life, and from that research came The manKINDness Project—an awareness curriculum for high school boys presented by New Friends New Life’s Men’s Advocacy Group.

According to the American Psychological Association, “The objectification of girls can have a negative impact on [girls] as well as boys and society more broadly. Some societal effects include an increased rate of sexual harassment and sexual violence and an increased demand for child pornography.”

Developed by the Men’s Advocacy Group and New Friends New Life’s staff of clinical and child development experts, The manKINDness Project’s awareness curriculum is a 60-minute interactive learning experience tailored to teen boys. The program was piloted in 2016 at Parish Episcopal School and Hillcrest High School with resounding results and is currently being implemented in all Richardson ISD high schools. It allows the students to take ownership of community-wide solutions for demonstrating healthy, positive attitudes toward girls and women, and ultimately, themselves.

EDITORIAL: Prepared flyers to attract college-aged students to participate in the study. Developed a discussion outline for the moderator with eight questions and eight accompanying slides that included related images and stats. Then took the transcripts and highlighted the most prevalent and reoccurring data that affected and interested both target groups. The information was compiled into booklets to present to the board of directors for New Friends New Life.

MULTIMEDIA: Worked with top-tier design team to create a brandscape for the project with six possible campaign directions.

PRODUCTION: Once the focus groups and the board selected a campaign, Model Behaviors secured a grant to cover the legal fees to copyright and protect the campaign, as well as to secure all the social media names and handles.

STRATEGY: Presented findings to the New Friends New Life board. Worked in conjunction with the Men’s Advocacy Group, which consists of fifty men who are business professionals, retirees, clergy, psychologists, law officers, coaches, attorneys, judges, and more. The purpose of the Men’s Advocacy Group is to leverage the social influence of prominent men in the community.


“ManKINDness Education Curriculum Slated for All RISD Schools”

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