Mommy Makeover Contest

In January 2016, Model Behaviors announced the Mommy Makeover Contest—a three-month competition designed to help moms carve out time for themselves and commit to a healthy lifestyle. The main goals were to, first, inspire the participants to make lasting, positive changes in their lives and, second, to guide each woman in reaching her own personal health goals.

After working together for three months, the coaches selected the top three participants, and out of those three participatns, Model Behaviors readers voted for the woman they believed made the most remarkable transformation. At the end of April, Model Behaviors received over six hundred votes, and Renee Mannochio was selected as the winner.

Model Behaviors flew her to Dallas for a weekend with the Behaviorists that included a complete beauty and style makeover. First Renee went to renowned salon, Hair by Charlie, and got her hair colored by Rachael Minx then cut and styled by Pam Vasko. She had dinner that night with the local Behaviorists, where the women shared heart-to-heart stories about friendship, motherhood, and life. The next day Renee got style tips from celebrity stylist Laurie Graham King. They selected a look for Renee to wear in the bi-annual Behaviorist photo shoot, and afterward, noted makeup artist Joanna Hathcock gave Renee a naturally glamorous makeup style.

The photos and video from this photo shoot were used for Model Behaviors promotional purposes for the next six months.

DESIGN: Created the contest structure and rules with the intent to go deeper than the average fitness contest. Moms who wanted to participate wrote a short essay on why they wanted to participate and what sort of lifestyle change they hoped to accomplish. The five women selected came from different geographical locations, different backgrounds, and different places in their journey of motherhood. The contest spanned three months because Toni’s research and experience as a life coach indicated that people need at least twenty-one days to form a habit and sixty days to make that habit a permanent change. The contest was designed to help each mother figure out a unique way to implement healthy long-lasting changes in her own life and in the lives of her family.

EDITORIAL: Developed a unique aesthetic for all Mommy Makeover Contest blog posts and graphics, which helped to make them instantly recognizable on the site. Throughout each month of the contest, MB collaborated with the participants to share monthly check-ins and broadcast a monthly video chat. Including pre-contest and post-contest posts, Model Behaviors published twenty-two blog posts and five videos in conjunction with the contest.

MULTIMEDIA: Each of the major check-ins had “progress” photos from the contestants integrated into branded graphics. A behind-the-scenes video and professional photo shoot with Renee, the contest winner, were used throughout the Model Behaviors website for a spring revamp and for other promotional purposes.

PRODUCTION: Funded the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge for each contestant, plus an AdvoCare starter kit. Collaborated with internationally recognized health coaches and stylists, who donated their time and expertise to the contest. Brought in our photographer and videographer to capture the love and friendship between the Behaviorists and Renee. Booked a makeup artist and stylist for the shoot, leveraging fashion connections to secure styles from Free People Dallas.

STRATEGY: Secured the talent and expertise of four professional coaches with over fifty years of experience between them to not only make the contestants successful, but to also reach a wider audience of participants who followed along on their own. Managed and provided engaging content for a private Facebook group with the coaches, participants, and Model Behaviors readers who wanted to work alongside the contestants to meet 2016 health goals. Encouraged voter participation from MB readers in selecting a winner to help readers, friends, and family take ownership of the success of each contestant, thus building stronger, richer ties among the Model Behaviors community. The MB mailing list saw an 11.2% jump when the contest was announced, and our Facebook referrals saw an 82.4% increase throughout the contest. Produced a monthly live video series to coincide with each check-in to help the coaches, participants, and the Model Behaviors community at large personally connect and inspire each other to stick with this emotionally and physically challenging contest. Ultimately, Model Behaviors made real, lasting connections with the participants and with members of the FB group. The lives of several women were transformed for the better.

“This was the experience of a lifetime! I wish I could have frozen time and made the feelings you all gave me last forever! You are all so wonderful and you have a great thing going. I look forward to staying in touch, seeing you all again in the future, and I hope I can someday make another person feel the way you all made me feel.”

– Renee Mannochio, Contest Winner

“Even though things didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I wouldn’t take it back! I lost 12.4 pounds and 26.75 inches in a little less than three months, and that’s something I may not have done on my own. It’s given me the motivation to continue and keep going strong after this contest. The contest was a blessing and I’ll forever be grateful.”

– Danielle Koprowski, Contest Participant

“I’ve gained so much inspiration. It’s absolutely energizing to see a group of women committed to healthy lifestyles and cheering one another on in the process.”

– Candace Oliver, Contest Coach

“I feel like I’ve gained a few lifetime friends from this competition. I am grateful for Toni introducing us!”

– Marzia Prince, Contest Coach

“I’ve been where many of these women were, and the grace and humility they showed was nothing short of amazing.”

– Priya Bhola Rathod, Contest Coach

“I’m inspired by the way each of these participants have taken action to change their lives.  One day at a time, turns into a week, which turns into three months of a new habit and a new mind and body transformation!”

– Laurie Graham King, Contest Coach