Woman of the Month

In January 2016, Model Behaviors launched a new series called Woman of the Month. Each month a different woman is featured through an in-depth interview, a peek into her daily life, and a curated giveaway. Model Behaviors is always looking for dynamic, inspiring women to showcase in this series.

So far we’ve had an educator, a musician, a fitness expert, an AdvoCare distributor, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, a fashion designer, a small business owner, an event planner, and a flight-attendant-turned-fundraising-queen. Without fail, every woman we feature lets us know that they, in turn, know dozens of women who are equally deserving of being featured as our Woman of the Month.

This doesn’t surprise us because time and time again we see women going to great lengths to support one another. That’s the aim of this series. We want to recognize the uniqueness and the personal histories of a wide array of women from all walks of life. We want to support them, lift them up, and empower them to create strong connections with each other.

DESIGN: Through an in-depth interview and a “Day in the Life” feature, we provide a detailed demonstration of the passions, struggles, and successes of our Women of the Month. We create a series of graphics to share throughout the month. These graphics incorporate each woman’s handwriting, personal photos, and custom artwork.

EDITORIAL: Conduct research before each interview and put together an individualized list of discussion topics before the interview call. Publish between three and four posts dedicated to each month’s feature.

MULTIMEDIA: Throughout the series we share three Featured Images per month and a set of “A Day in the Life” graphics, which depict the daily schedules of our Woman of the Month through hand-lettering, custom artwork, and personal photos.

PRODUCTION: Work closely with each woman to conduct the interview, gather materials, and put the series together each month. Collaborate with an artist to design and create the customized “A Day in the Life” graphics.

STRATEGY: Feature amazing, inspirational women and leverage the social influence of both our audiences. Pitch the series and individual interviews to larger publications. Publish interviews on sites like Huffington Post.

PRESS LINKS: “Interview with Fashion Designer Khanh Nguyen of Nha Khanh” on Huffington Post