Our core team is made up of Behaviorists—ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

Each Behaviorist is simply a woman we admire. She’s strong, passionate, determined, multifaceted, and inspiring. Her beauty and radiance comes from deep within, and she affects everyone around her with a positive, encouraging presence. Each Behaviorist has her own area of expertise. From fashion and beauty to social justice and children’s education to everything in between. Our Behaviorists have distinct voices and passions and contribute regularly to the blog. When applicable, they also contribute their talents and expertise to any Model Behaviors projects.

Much like Model Behaviors as a whole, a Behaviorist aims to always support other women. She loves to not only see other women succeed but to help other women along their individual journeys to success. Regardless of beliefs, background, upbringing, or occupation, a Behaviorist sees value in our differences and strives to always advocate for her fellow woman with empathy and compassion.


Currently, I’m the Managing Editor for Model Behaviors. I’m also a writer based in Austin, Texas. The source of upheaval for most of my major life changes so far can be traced back to a book. Books haven’t just influenced me. They’ve changed me.


I was born and raised in small town Connecticut with a dream of exploring the world. My journey began when I decided to move to California’s Bay Area with my then boyfriend, leaving behind family and friends in search of new opportunities. Then, one


I have long heard people—mostly women—lament that there are just not enough hours in the day, and it has only been in recent years that I have finally discovered the truth in that expression. You see, I’m a list-maker. A planner. A to-doer. And my list


I was 14 years old when my journey started as a fashion model, traveling the world—Paris, Spain, Italy, New York, Tokyo… I knew then that my life was about to change forever. I was on the cover of multiple magazines, walking the runways for the


Born in Flower Mound, TX, raised a Sooner, became a Chief, left my heart in Kansas City, relocated south and joined the Spurs family. I’m currently a reporter for the San Antonio Spurs and the sideline reporter for Fox Sports Southwest. Along with my role


I love nothing more than hearing people’s stories. To me everyone has an interesting story to tell, and I genuinely want to hear it. On that note, let me share mine with you. I grew up in upstate NY with my parents and older sister, and while we loved


Even though I’m in my forties now, my life really began at thirty. That’s when I started living my life to the fullest and embracing the present moment. Before that, it was a blur and quite frankly, not the best time of my life. But we all go through our


I grew up in Southeast Alaska in the city of Ketchikan, which has a population right around 14,000. It’s definitely the kind of place where you can’t go anywhere without running into several people you know well. In fact, the first time my husband visited