Our core team is made up of Behaviorists—ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

Each Behaviorist is simply a woman we admire. She's strong, passionate, determined, multifaceted, and inspiring. Her beauty and radiance comes from deep within, and she affects everyone around her with a positive, encouraging presence. Each Behaviorist has her own area of expertise. From fashion and beauty to social justice and children's education to everything in between. Our Behaviorists have distinct voices and passions and contribute regularly to the blog. When applicable, they also contribute their talents and expertise to any Model Behaviors projects.

Much like Model Behaviors as a whole, a Behaviorist aims to always support other women. She loves to not only see other women succeed but to help other women along their individual journeys to success. Regardless of beliefs, background, upbringing, or occupation, a Behaviorist sees value in our differences and strives to always advocate for her fellow woman with empathy and compassion.


Alaysia Monroy is an eighth-grade writer, model/actress, and soccer player from Florida. After overcoming a traumatic incident that left her fearful and anxious, she’s found hope and purpose in sharing her experiences with others.


Woman. Mother. Wife. Lawyer. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Ann Lopez doesn’t take herself too seriously. After nineteen years of marriage, raising a now-college-aged son, getting her law degree, and practicing law for the last six years, Ann believes we should never be afraid to let our truest selves shine bright.


For the past twelve years, Anna Broadfoot has modeled around the globe and worked with some of the most innovative names in fashion. In 2010, amidst a full-time modeling schedule, Anna and her husband Dan launched an exclusive watch store in Frisco, Texas—Timeless Luxury Watches.


Barbara Guillaume is a celebrity makeup artist with Forward Artists in LA. She’s the founder and creator of FOG Malas—custom, handmade malas crafted with love.


Bulaong Ramiz is an activist and social justice educator from Hartford, CT. She continually finds inspiration in the experiences and stories of others and stands in solidarity with those fighting for justice and equity.


Carlotta Lennox has spent her entire career in the public eye as a model and is now making a shift into television. She enjoys public speaking, especially when she gets the chance to coach young girls and women in pageantry, modeling, and life skills. She hopes to leave a lasting impression on all those she meets.


Courtney Leigh writes novels about young adults, mostly of the magical realism and fantasy variety. She finds meaning and purpose in the stories we tell—as individuals and as a collective culture.


Holly Denny is the owner and creator of TED FOX Event Artistry, a full-service special events firm. She uses her passion for creating beautiful things as a way of life rather than simply a hobby.


Kodi Nelson is a small-town Okie girl who ended up in Frisco, Texas, as a model, real estate agent, wife, and mommy. She doesn’t mind a little grit under her nails—whether she’s in the kitchen, working on a DIY project, or knee deep in a heart-to-heart conversation with her girlfriends.


Although she’s a Ft. Worth Native, Misha Sturns now resides in Dallas with her twelve-year-old son, working in specialty pharmacy sales. Recently, she and a couple loved ones started a small business called reRock It, a brand that emphasizes and celebrates the art of re-creation.


Priya Bhola Rathod has spent her career working in media and entertainment, from both a business development and on-camera host perspective. She’s the mother of two young girls and is passionate about women sharing their stories.


Rachel Santschi is an anchor and reporter for KMBC and KCWE in Kansas City. She enjoys talking with people, learning their stories, and discussing the experiences that shaped them into who they are today.