Toni Muñoz-Hunt

Our CEO & Founder

Toni strongly believes that every experience we have and everything we do and all the people we meet have a purpose. She continually strives to understand this purpose, and in 2012 this desire compelled her to launch Model Behaviors—a boutique consulting firm and digital space designed to celebrate, love, and support women. Toni combined twenty years of experience working in the fashion industry, her love for writing, and a deep passion for connecting like-minded women to create this unique online space. Along with weekly and monthly features which highlight dynamic, inspiring women, Model Behaviors develops projects, campaigns, and events that reach women and better our communities, shaping and sharing stories with purpose and innovation. Our fast-paced world is technologically connected but truthful, genuine sharing are at the root of deep, life-changing human connection. Those are the types of connections she seeks to make at Model Behaviors.

Currently, Toni Muñoz-Hunt serves on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Women’s Foundation and on the Communications Committee, Grants Review Committee, and Grants Policy Committee. This organization is the largest regional women’s fund in the world, largely impacting the economic stability and future of women and girls in North Texas. She also sits on the Executive Board of Directors for the Akola Project, a nonprofit with a full-impact brand that trains and employs women in poverty to meet the basic needs of their children through the business of making jewelry. All the proceeds are reinvested back into the organization. It’s the first full-impact brand sold by luxury retail giants such as Neiman Marcus.

In her life outside of Model Behaviors, she received a master’s in humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas. While attending, a few of her short pieces were published in Concho River Review, RiverSedge, and Columbia University’s Catch & Release. Currently, Toni is back in school to pursue her doctorate in humanities. She and her husband Dan have a beautiful toddler named Darlington and two Yorkie children, Kidd and Gizzy. They love to travel and explore the world together as a family.