VIDEO: Introducing the Latest Behaviorist Anne-Marie Myhre

Do you remember back in January when we announced our very first Woman of the Month, Anne-Marie Myhre? I was so excited that I got to introduce our MB community to such a warm, brilliant woman.

But the excitement I felt then doesn’t compare to how thrilled I am to announce Anne-Marie as our latest Behaviorist. I can’t contain it!

Earlier this month we got to see her brilliance in action as she shared her first post with us, 5 Tips to Ignite Summer Reading Fun.

We got so many great comments and shares—readers sharing how they’d rearranged their kids’ at-home library or sharing some of their favorite stories—that I knew immediately Anne-Marie was going to fit right in. In today’s video, Anne-Marie describes the scary but exciting journey ahead of her as she tries to discover her life’s passion and turn it into something that can help others.

After you watch it, make sure you check out each of her posts and give Anne-Marie a HUGE Model Behaviors welcome!

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Wellness Wednesday: COURAGE | Model Behaviors

Wellness Wednesday: COURAGE

As a new mom, I’ve had to let go of so much. Just the other evening, I sat covered in vomit at the movies when my daughter had a tad bit too much to eat and relieved herself all over Momma. I whipped out the package of baby wipes and went to town on the both of us. Twenty minutes shy of the credits, we left—me in a crusty pair of Lululemons and Darlington, naked and happy.  Sometimes “letting go” feels like a sacrifice, but after a bit of reflection, I remembered that there are things bigger and more important than me and my self-consciousness—a lesson I’m continually faced with as a mother.

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Revamp Reveal: Finding the Heart of MB | Model Behaviors

Revamp Reveal: Finding the Heart of MB

Every few months, Toni and I get together to talk about the future of Model Behaviors—where we can improve, where we’ve seen growth, and any big ideas we might have for the site. In the fall of last year, Toni mentioned this idea of the Mommy Makeover Contest. I could tell she’d been thinking on it for a while because she already had a pretty solid direction of what she hoped the contest could be. What I remember most from this meeting was that she wanted it to be more than just a contest. We’d use the term “makeover” because people would recognize it, but we were going to help women learn skills that would last a lifetime, that would carry them beyond the contest, and that would transform their lives.

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Let's Talk about Tofu! | Model Behaviors

Let’s Talk about Tofu!

Raise your hand if you run screaming at the mention of tofu. Or if you just threw up a little bit in your mouth.

Now tell me, why the tofu-phobia? Have you had a bad experience with tofu? Did tofu steal your boyfriend? Did tofu key your car?

Have you ever tried tofu?

Or does tofu just scare the living bajeezus out of you?

For most of us, I think that’s exactly it. Tofu is unfamiliar territory. It’s not on every menu. The appearance and texture are rather alien. The packaging is strange. And most of all…how the hell you do cook it?

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MB Collective: Father's Day | Model Behaviors

MB Collective: Father’s Day

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know my friend’s father through her wonderful and often hilarious stories about him. He was the man she turned to her entire life, and he was the man she turned to when she found out that she was bringing a new life into this world, alone. In the beginning, she struggled with his role of being her father and also a father figure to her son. She wondered if it would be confusing, or if her son would know the difference, and at times, this filled her with guilt. But she journeyed on with the help of her father and plethora of longtime friends. Everyone pitched in to fill in the gaps. And as Father’s Day quickly approaches, I’m reminded that this day isn’t just about celebrating the biological definition of a father, but to also honor those men and women who are filling in the gaps with unwavering dedication and unconditional love.

For our MB Collective this month, I asked our Behaviorists to share a positive quality they’ve learned from their fathers or father figures and how their fathers taught them these qualities.

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